Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Adding Gadgets

I am taking a blogging class and one of the assignments is to add gadgets. Before I took on this task I looked at several of the blogs I follow to see what gadgets my favorite bloggers used. I then went to the gadget section on blogger and found some cool ones I have never seen before. My favorite is the PDF maker. Because I am an educator, I often have to create PDF's to send to parents. I also like the rhyme gadget. I teach elementary and this would be a useful tool for my students as long as my students do not ask for words that rhyme with chuck, I think it will be a useful tool. Calendars and clocks are something I am always looking for, so I added those as well. Lastly I added a way to follow by e-mail and a stats page that shows how often this blog is read. I added the last two because these gadgets were on all the blogs I looked at in one form or another! 
 The gadgets do add to my blog. I think the gadgets make my blog look more official and appealing. I have always wondered how these gadgets are added. I now see how easy this is to do, I will be trying this on the other blogs I have started for my class. 

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